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Human mom pets Bernese Mountain Dog mom
Bruno's moms. Indeed, I wrote moms

One evening I was sitting with my husband at our usual table at the pizza place. We were having the four cheeses pizza, as usual, and I was telling him about some new dog training hack I’d just learned. And as usual, I was going on and on, How come I didn’t know about this [insert super-important dog wellbeing piece of information] ? This should be common knowledge, why wasn’t this in the books we bought when we got our puppy?

He’d usually agree with me and we’d talk some more about dogs, or about computers or something, while sipping red wine and waiting for our pizzas. But this time he said, I think you should write your own book.

I think I should write it too, I laughed.

I’m serious, you really should. Write about all the things you’ve learned, he insisted.

Honey, you know I’m not a dog trainer...

Exactly, he said, which means you get to explain things differently, because you’re looking at them as a dog owner, not as a dog professional.

I want all dogs to live the best life they possibly can, and I want to participate in some way to this dog happiness mission. So I wrote the book. It’s about Bernese Mountain Dogs in particular, because my dog belongs to this wonderful breed, and I thought it’d be easier to write about the kind of dog I live with, than about dogs in general.

He’s my first dog and puppy and I gained my knowledge about dog education while raising him. By no means am I an expert. I’m just a dog parent who happens to have read many books on dog behaviour, and I also happen to love writing. While I believe this book is useful, it doesn’t replace the need for a professional dog trainer, so please, take everything you read with a grain of salt, ok?

Great! Now that you’ve read my disclaimer, let’s get to the fun part already.